Our Story

In the middle of the 18th century, William Mayo came to Kentucky from Virgina where his family had migrated from England.  He settled on a large acreage of land extending from the Big Sandy River in Allen to near the hospital in Martin, KY.  Mr. Mayo was a very religious man and interested in rearing his children to love the Lord.  Church services were held in his home for lack of a church building, so he decided to build a church by cutting logs from his forest.  Before the Civil War, with friends helping and a few of his ex-slaves, who refused to leave him, he got logs to build a log church on his property.  The first minister was Rev. Johnson, and so the first church was called Johnson's Chapel.  This church was there for several years, then the land was divided, and a son-in-law of William Mayo was deeded part of the land that is now Allen, KY.  He had a store built where steam boats could deliver the products from Ashland,KY and carry farm things to Ashland.  Allen Hatten in 1843, was the first steam boat captain, to pilot a steam boat up the Big Sandy River above Louisa, KY.  Captain Hatten told how mothers rushed to the river banks on hearing the steam escape, bringing their children along to see the wonder of their lives.  Horses, chickens, geese and cattle were seized with fear and dashed away to the hills.

Allen, KY was named because Thomas Allen was one of the first settlers.  In 1912, Thomas Allen gave land for a new church to be built on the hill overlooking Old Allen.  Then congregation moved from the Johnson Chapel building to the new church.  This church was one of the few buildings left in Old Allen after a terrible fire of 1924.  In 1946  the need for a new building was expressed and in August of 1947 the first pledges were taken.  Construction started in 1949 in Old Allen on land donated by Ben Webb.  The first service was held in October 1950 with Rev. M.N. Dehaven bringing the first sermon.  This church suffered through serval floods.  Dr. Kenneth R. Lemaster was the last pastor of this church known as Allen United Methodist Church, preaching the last sermon in June, 1988.

The history of the Dwale United Methodist Church dates back to the early 1890's when the building was built on land donated by Harry Johns to be used for a school and a church.  Three different buildings have existed on, or near the same site.  Earliest records show of the church with a Sunday School attendance of 212.  These churches also suffered through several floods. 

On September 7, 1985, the Dwale United Methodist and the Allen United Methodist Churches met separately and voted to, merge and build a new church.  The new congregation voted to name the church Christ United Methodist Church.  Since there was already a Christ UMC in the Ashland, KY district and several in the KY Conference, the Conference named it Allen Christ United Methodist Church.  Ground breaking for the new church was held on March 12, 1986 and actual construction started on October 26, 1987.  Our people stepped out in "Faith", Prayer, Hard work, dedicaion and Sacrificial Giving from many people made it possible for our Dream to become a Reality!  Dr. Lemaster has often used a quote made famous by the late President John F. Kennedy, which he feels describes the people of our church, "Some men dream dreams and say why, while other men dream dreams and say why not?"  This dream became a reality because of Team Effort and everyone joining in the program together!  On July 3, 1989, a group (over 150) people met at the old church in Old Allen and made the walk across the Big Sandy River to the new church location.  Dr. Kenneth R. Lemaster preached the first sermon to a crowd of over 350 people.

On June 8, 1997, the Ground Breaking Service was held for the Wesley Christian School.  "The Miracle on Methodist Lane'.  We did not have the land to expand.  J.W. Kinzer purchased adjoining land to our church property, lot by lot, over a two year period, until he finally purchased the last link the site where Wesley Christian School opened on August 24, 1998.

On September 13, 2009, we held Ground Breaking Services for the Wesley Christian High School.  We were encouraged by the large number of people that attended, the sanctuary was packed! 

On September 1, 2010, the "Miracle on Methodist Lane" continued the first classes of the Wesley Christian High School began.

147 years of rich Methodist History has brought us to where we are today.  GOD has blessed the ministry of Allen Christ United Methodist Church.  Our thoughts go back to the many, dedicated, hard working Christians that have made it possible for us to be where we are today. 

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